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Dear Mighty House Listener...

Fallin' down on the job here. It's Thursday and I am just getting to this page updated. For the record, I am not part of the audio stream, but prefer communing with you via the written word. Now... for the object of the excercise.
Tools. You gotta have 'em. What is a home improvement project if not an excuse to get more tools? I'm not talking about paint rollers here., I'm talking table saws, routers, electric screwdrivers, those little clamps that go on the framing square....... and so on, and so on.... You gotta have 'em. The elfin factotum anthropoid on your shoulder must be appeased. You know who you are and we at Mighty House salute you. You are cordially invited to tune in to the Mighty House Home Improvement Radio Show. A great way to spend a Saturday morning, and by that I mean "considerably above normal or average". Exceed the norm from the comfort of your home! What could be cooler than that?

Two out of Seven, Insomniacs know the deal, Yes! They are sleepy.

May 20th
Crank up your favorite source of electromagnetic radiation and join us for another edition of the Mighty House Radio extravaganza. Rich is going to tackle the "house wrap" debate and if you're thinking "it's all just Tyvek to me", this segment is for you! We will subject Mr. Floor to an "enhanced interrogation" technique commonly called "The Mighty House Interview" and Robbie will have another installment of Clutter Clarity. The stage is set for hortative home improvement oratory the Mighty House way!
...and, by the way... "sound" is not part of the electromagnetic spectrum. So, feel free to bath in it's dulcet tones and mullifluous, harmonics. The medium is great - dive in and join us - clothing optional.

May 6th.
***************RERUN****************TIME CONSTRAINT***************************************
29 October 1618
Enjoy your youth and plan ahead so that you may have good memories and a long and happy life. Almost four hundred years ago Sir Walter Raleigh put forth that idea and committed it to paper. Of course, he said it a little differently but the intent holds up to the test of time. The same holds true in the home improvement realm. Take good care of your shelter and fancy it up before you get too tired to lift a hammer. Looking back to think, "man, I'm glad I painted that ceiling ten years ago so I dont have to now..." is a feel good waiting to happen. Dial us up on the old AM demodulator box or jump into the future and find us on the handy interweb device at Mighty House dot net. See you on the radio!

April 29th
The 29th of April. Four twenty-nine. 429. My brain , with it's wandering eye, snaps to 429CJ. The Ford 429 Cobra Jet motor. 429 cubic inches... More than both of my family cars combined. They do not build them like that anymore. In the world of home improvement, with modern materials and fasteners, the result can often fool the eye. Engineered materials like Cross-Laminated Timber can be so strange as to scare us back to the tried and true "two by four". Done right, these modern marvels of wood, glue, and pressure provide comparable strength, superoir rigidity and flexibility of final form. In the right hands, "they don't build 'em like that anymore" is a good thing. The Cobra Jet, I'm afraid, will not fit it my Camry after all.

April 15th.
This day, the 15th. of April, holds some interesting historical happenings. Mr.Ford's assembly line spat out the first Mustang (a '64). The venerable and vaunted B-52 took it's maiden flight. (in '52) The Titanic sank. Two out of three must be a cousin of Pi and Fibonachi. A life constant as unavoidable as...well, taxes. This weekend's show is in in good historical company and our next April 15 show is slated for 2028 so don't miss it. If history teaches us anything, we have a two in three chance at greatness.

April 8th.
(written directly to page)
Dear Mighty House Listener,
Here, in the mid-west, we have (what I like to call) "instant spring". It's cold, it's cold, it's cold... then - suddenly it is sixty-five degrees outside and time to put my hat and scarf in the plastic, suspended animation shoe box for the long journey to Fall. Spring is also a time for window cleaning, planting, and making babies. Take a walk around your crib, make a mental note of the improvements you would like to see, and call the Mighty House Home Improvement Show on Saturday! We can help with good natured, professional pointers, new ideas, and don't forget the Mighty House Team page where you can find a home improvement Pro to do the heavy lifting. That's Saturday morning on WCGO 1590 A.M. See you in the Spring.

April 1st.
The future is yours to cast. We are handing the controls to You, the Listener. it's an April Fool's Day Divertissement!!! An all request edition of the Mighty House Home Improvement Radio Show. So... What the heck do you want to talk about? Windows, doors, the furnace? How about "why are there little pieces of rope hanging out of my brick wall"? that's what I can't figure out. Welcome back Robbie! The Earth may revolve around the Sun, but my personal space..?.. It orbits around clutter. I need a shot of Clutter Clarity! You too? Saturday - WCGO 1590 - Be There. (Aloha). The Mr. Floor Help Line is good to go for the entire show. Need a push? All callers have a chance to win MR. FLOOR cleaning products! As always - I'll see you on the radio - so wear pants.

March 4th
Take a wireless walkabout on the wild side with us! Our destination is the "House of 100 Cats"! For the uninitiated - this is a currently unoccupied house which, despite good ventilation and the best of intentions, retains a certain "feline ambiance". Mike Larmon will be on point for this tour of duty as we check the progress of the Ozone deodorizing treatment. This will be fun, informative, and good excercise too. see you Saturday


February 25th.
I feel like Rip Van Winkle. Did I miss the month of March? Just past mid February and when I left the house it was a degree warmer outside than it was inside! Join us this saturday as we bask in the "butterfly's wing flap" of the Polar Vortex. You know what this means... right? All those Spring "honey-do" projects just got moved up the calendar. Grab that half quart of 40 weight thats been gathering dust since the late nineties and oil the crescent wrench. You're gonna need it. Pour a nice "Hollandse Graanjenever" and I'll see you on the radio!



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