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Mid July.    Summer of green grass, trees reaching for heavens gate, a lawn chair and nap. The whether service has issued a Haiku watch. If I still have your attention - thanks. Wanna win a car? The Illinois Solar Energy Association is going to raffle a TESLA Model X and YOU could win! For tickets and more info see ISEA 2017 Tesla Raffle! Come and hang with us for Saturday's Mighty House radio show. Send us your best home improvement Haiku, no reason really, it just sounds fun.


July 8th.

Off the grid. These days, the phrase that pays. Not to be confused with WITSEC or some Darwinian anomally like.....well, bill collectors - this GRID is the POWER grid. The jewel of Joules, wattage for the cottage, the essential, elemental comings and goings of etherial electrons. You know you love it but how cool would it be to tweak your home for maximum efficiency and thumb yer nose at the electric company? This Saturday we welcome Lindsey Elton and Liz Keuhn to the Mighty House Show! On the docket...?... The 2017 GreenBuilt Home Tour! July 22nd. and 23rd. - This your chance to check out the real deal. Thirteen chicagoland homes that prove the pudding has something in it. Check the GreenBuilt website for deatails and do not miss this once a year invite to see home effiency in practice and in action!


June 10th.
Late spring, early summer. Young squirrels clean up beneath the bird feeder by day and newbee racoons seek adventure by night. Both appear to have their priorities in order. Do you? We're talkin' home improvement priorities, this Saturday, at the Mighty House powwow. We all have the "List". Either written or committed to memory and stored in that easy-access brain recess where the loose change of best intentions lie in repose. Ron, Robbie, and Rich (the other three "R"s) will usher in a new age of destine nirvana. So, pull up your favorite, decommissioned five gallon pail, then quick tell a joke and light up your smoke Cuz there's noplace that you'd rather be.


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