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  1. Jan 25th 2014 Hour 1

    January 28, 2014

    Talking about furnaces, insulation, and birds in buildings, and the Tip of the Week (Rich on what frostbite is, and how to prevent it) and enjoying Kolatek’s fabulous sandwiches and more

  2. Jan 25th 2014 Hour 2

    Frozen pipes, foam insulation, definition of a dork debated, and a visit with Elliott Richardson with the SBAC Report, and more Kolatek’s treats

  3. Jan 25th 2014 Hour 3

    Frozen pipes, toilet flappers, glass block insulation, front door issues, cleaning garbage disposals, and Clutter Clarity (Robbie with a great lint and hair removal tool)

  4. Jan 18th 2014 Hour 1

    January 18, 2014

    Leaky windows, foundation cracks, Tip of the Week (Rich on carbon monoxide detectors) and a visit with David Davis from Davis Audio & Video

  5. Jan 18th 2014 Hour 2

    Drainage issues, wireless networks, grout and caulk, and a visit with Amy Masters with the SBAC Report

  6. Jan 18th 2014 Hour 3

    Flooring, aluminum flashing, leaky roofs, ant issues, and Clutter Clarity (Robbie with a list of household things men can do to make their women happier)

  7. Jan 11th 2014 Hour 1

    January 12, 2014

    Talking with Jim & Joe from Ark Porcelain Refinishing about their process for refinishing your bathtub and bathroom

  8. Jan 11th 2014 Hour 2

    Problems with gravel driveways, putting laminate directly on top of concrete, cold brick frost in fog.

  9. Jan 11th 2014 Hour 3

    Talking about sewer problems, including frozen pipes, unclogging toilets, and Clutter Clarity (Robbie on proper disposal of old drugs)

  10. Jan 4th 2014 Hour 1

    January 6, 2014

    Talking landlords, cold remedies, freezing pipes, insulation, a question about ceramic tiles and when to use bathtub liners

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