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Centipede Tool Interview

April 21, 2015

Mighty House Radio Show

This past weekend, Keith traveled into Chicago for an interview on the Mighty House Radio Show.

Centipede Tool Keith

Mighty House Radio Show Interview

It was a true pleasure to meet up with Mighty House Radio Show host Ron Cowgill, along with Robbie Ehrhardt, Rich Cowgill and the Mighty House Team this past weekend. They were broadcasting live on location at Habitat for Humanity® ReStore® Chicago and their enthusiasm for the Centipede™ Portable Work System was contagious. I had an incredible time and we are all thankful for this opportunity to share our product with their audience.

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Product Donation

Since I was already planning on being at Habitat for Humanity® ReStore® Chicago, I made sure to bring an extra case of Centipede™ Sawhorses to donate.

Unwarranted Distraction

I’d also like to be sure I apologize for disrupting the interview ahead of me with Bonnie Lamondi from Tub Hub and Tile. I was in Ron’s field of vision when I opened up a Centipede™ Support XL for someone else and he couldn’t help but exclaim “Oh, that’s awesome!” as he was asking Bonnie a question.

So, PLEASE join us in following Tub Hub and Tile – the One-Stop-Shop for all your refinishing and remodeling needs in Skokie, IL:


Thanks to Keith from Centipede Tool for writing the post!

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