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Garage Storage Systems with StoreWall

March 21, 2015

StoreWALL Provides Elegant Yet Simple Storage Solutions

For All Types Of Sports Equipment

The heart of this modular storage system are the attractive and incredibly strong wall panels that can be easily configured to fit any wall. Add to these panels a wide array of accessories including shelves, hooks and baskets to create a storage system that gets everything off the floor and onto the wall.


Today’s active families can easily accumulate a very large amount of sports equipment including bikes, skis, balls, bats, gloves, rackets, shoes, camping gear - it can all quickly add up to an ugly, massive storage headache. StoreWALL to the rescue. This unique system of attractive and strong wall panels and easily mountable storage accessories will provide a simple solution to organizing and storing all that sports equipment and look good while doing it.

“The StoreWALL system is designed to turn any wall, whether it be the basement, garage or anywhere in the house, into a way to get things up off the floor and onto the wall … saving precious space,” says Kevin Keenan, President of StoreWALL. “Forget the old peg board, this is a good looking way to store all that sports equipment in a way that will allow you to easily find what you want and free up a lot of floor space at the same time.”

The StoreWALL wall panels can be easily configured to cover part or all of any wall space. Molded using a thermoplastic material that is waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, these solid core panels are incredibly strong and tough. They can be mounted over any wall type using industry exclusive InstallStrips and their patented tongue and grove means no visible seams. This totally hidden mounting system makes installation simple and allows for the easy addition or changing of panels at any time.

The panels are available in five color options including three solid colors - Brite White, Dover White and Weathered Grey and two wood grain patterns - Global Pine and Rustic Cedar. They can be easily wiped clean and their colors and wood

grains run throughout the panel so nicks and scratches won’t show up. This is an attractive wall system that will remain that way for many years to come.

With the wall panels mounted, it is now time to choose from a vast array of StoreWALL accessories custom tailored to accommodate almost anything. Each of these is covered with an extra heavy powder coating and uses the exclusive CamLok to securely lock the accessory to the wall ensuring that everything will stay on the wall and not on the floor. These shelves, baskets, hooks, totes and bins are designed to easily handle almost anything that needs to be stored in a neat and easily accessible way.

“What we are offering is a high quality, strong and very attractive storage solution that will last a lifetime,” added Keenan. “Everybody has empty wall space around the house and now StoreWALL can help you put those walls to good use.”

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