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Infinity X1 700 Lumen Work Light W/ Bluetooth Speaker

April 21, 2022

Rich and Ron check out the new Infinity X1 Work light W/ Bluetooth Speaker. There are multiple lighting modes available on the Infinity X1 Work light that can be selected by pressing the red button to cycle to the desired mode. The brightest light setting provides 700 lumens for up to 2.5 hours with an illumination field of 28m. The medium setting of 300 lumens has up to a 5-hour run time and reach of 18m while the low setting of 100 lumens can be used for up to 12 hours with a range of 10m. There are also two red light settings – a solid red light for use at night and in low light settings to preserve night vision, and a flashing red light for emergency signaling. Visit to learn more.

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