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Infinity X1 Highland Hybrid Power flashlight

September 23, 2022

Rich and Ron review the 5000 lumen Infinity X1 flashlight. they come in 1500, 2500, 4000 or 5000 Lumen

When you’re searching in the corners of a basement, attic, shed, or garage for that tool you rarely use but need for a current project a flashlight can be handy. The only problem is the batteries in them are usually dead when you go to use it and a phone light is not always bright enough.

The Infinity X1 new Highland Hybrid Power flashlight series solves this common problem with dual power cores. The rechargeable battery core can be charged via USB, and it has the ability to function as a power bank to charge cell phones. In an emergency, swap out the rechargeable core when power runs low and us AA batteries to keep the light shining.

Check them out and keep one in your emergency kit:

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