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Inspect your deck from collapse

May 30, 2015

Inspect your deck to prevent your deck from collapsing.

Inspect your deck from collapse:

First, do a complete inspection of all connections. How are the beams or joists attached to the posts? Are there steel hangers? Are there bolts? There should be. If they are simply nailed together, you need to add them.

Most importantly, check to see how the ledger board at the house is attached. If you don’t see any bolts you are seriously at risk.

The proper way to install the ledger to your house:

  1. First remove the siding that you are adding the ledger.
  2. Install rubber or stainless steel flashing, the new treated wood is corrosive and will eat aluminum and steel.
  3. Use ½” galvanized or stainless carriage bolts installed on 12” centers. Make sure you stagger the heights. Put them 2” from the top of the ledger and 2” from the bottom of the ledger.
  4. Use galvanized steel or stainless steel joist hangers; be sure to fill all the holes in the hangers with the proper nails. Use joist hanger nails specifically designed for deck joists.

Deck detail

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