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No More Wax Ring on your toilet flange

March 13, 2015

Improving Toilet Replacement


Have you ever replaced a toilet? Well let us tell you, it is messy. What seals the toilet to the floor is usually a wax toilet gasket that is gooey and gross! It is especially gross after being sealed to the floor after years and years and you probably have a leaky toilet. Well, there is a company that has answered your prayers. Sani Seal Waxless Toilet Gasket. It is a no mess, no fuss and a perfect fit every time! Plus, if you set your toilet a little crooked, you can lift it and re-set it! You can’t do that with a wax ring! Sani Seal is revolutionary in that it is the first ever waxless green ring! It is made from polyurethane foam and provides the solution to the two biggest issues of the wax ring: 1. It is repositionable, as stated above. 2. It is resilient. It allows for movement or slight rocking that’s expected with most tile or uneven floors that can cause leaking! No more leaking with Sani Seal. Try out this awesome product by finding a local store near you at Check out what the co-founder, Bob, has to say during the live Mighty House radio show on the morning of March 14th!





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