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Pragmatic Panoply

July 21, 2017
From the Desk of max chagrinwebmaster at large         

  It is easy to take for granted many of the advantages this twenty-first century existence provides. There was a time, long ago, that a simple change of clothes was an unheard of luxury. The industrial revolution has laid at our feet... fashion... and the much lauded of laudable liberties... choice. Now... having a wardrobe means storing a wardrobe and storage requires a plan. As a youth, I thought not of this subject. If I had coat hangers - I was good to go. My early adventures in a rented room of my own brought the seeds of organization. A pile for clean clothes and a pile for dirty clothes. When I got a place of my own it was time to be serious. Enter the laundry baskets. One for each pile. Folding seemed a pointless endeavor. Textile origami. If a paper airplane could be fashioned from a crew neck tee shirt, perhaps I would have jumped the bandwagon sooner but alas, it was not to be. Early efforts resulted in a decidedly non-euclidean product. To fold is to shun loose edges and eschew non-uniformity. My results were as if the enterprise had occurred in zero gravity. A pseudo-spherical mess. Then it happened. While thanking a war vet for service to our republican empire, the secret was revealed. Don't fold..., ROLE! Whatever the garment, pleat that thing right down the mid-line and roll it up! When the result is burrito like, it's right. Pure, cylindric serenity. The only outlier - is the briefs. It is mathematically impossible to to fold a pair of briefs. The answer, is of course, the boxer short. As a bonus, the orchido-boys are free to hang - as nature intended. When the boys are happy, life is good.

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