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Show Recap from 25 May 2013

May 25, 2013

Dandelions and Honey Bee questions and comments dominated the show today. Here are a few links to the things we talked about.

Dandelion Root Tea.....Taste like coffee. Not chicken?
How to Make Roast Dandelion Root Coffee

Another way to help save bees is to use "Mason Bees". Check this out:

Want to help save the Honey Bee!! More information about what you can do to help is available at:

Do you want to learn more about beekeeping? Chat with Michelle at [email protected]

With all our Bee talk we got into talking about the Monsanto protection act. Check this out.

Keep the mice out of the house by using expandable foam from Great Stuff, GREAT STUFF™ Pestblock Or Vulkum Caulking in masonry work.


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