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Sept 24 2016

Today (Sept 24th.) we celebrate the birth of the best drinkin' buddy ever. His name is George and he invented the neon light! Thats right... Mr. Georges Claude sold the first neon sign in the U.S.A. in 1923 for $1,250.00. That's almost eighteen grand in 21st century dollars and all it said was "Packard". The taverns of America would soon follow and the rest is history. So hoist one for George this weekend and tune in to the Mighty House Home Improvement show. It's BYOB and you're all invited!

Sept 17 2016
With the Autumnal Equinox just around the bend, my thoughts turn to insulation. Yep. It's going to be cold outside (again) sooner or later. The best first step to keeping warm and lowering your heating bill this winter is to seal up all those small - "well, that's not so bad" places that air is getting into your home. When added together, all those little places can account for alot of air moving in and out of your pad. This is a great time to call a professional home energy auditor. The auditor will perform a series of tests and present you with written recomendations.

Well. My bad. I missed it again! National Safety Month was last June. Remember June? July? Hey, how come the neighbor kids STILL are not Winchester with the explosives from the 4th??? Whatever happened to fork in sparklers?!! Sorry... Back to june... we all use solvents and the NSC wants us to use responsilby. I wonder if they are two doors down from the NSA? We all use water (a solvent) like it was, well,... water! So it is not surprising that we might grab some nail polish remover (acetone) or glue some PVC together (tetrahydrofuran) and dismiss the health implications. Open a window, use gloves, safety glasses too, and No Smoking! We want you here on Saturday for Home Improvement the Mighty House way! And let's hope the neighbor kids are at least Bingo with the Boom.


I was asked the other day how I could possibly have writer's block. "It's only a few sentences" they said. How many different ways can you say "Tune in Saturday at eight o'clock for the Mighty House Radio Home Improvement Show?" Worldwide, Live and broadcasting on an amplitude modulated radio wave! From our monopole mast radiator to your ferrite rod. Grab your aural surfboard and wade into the heterodyne. It beats workin'!

Looked outside this morning and my thermometer said forty-eight degrees. My cats think I am responsible for this. I control the environment inside so why not? This is the perfect time to check our doors and windows for drafts. It's cold enough to feel a draft but not too cold to open the window or door and fix it. There are many good reasons to spend winter in the midwest - just can't think of any right now. Why not check for drafts while you listen to the Mighty House Home Improvement Radio Show? (...saw that comin' a mile away, did ya?) Seriously, if you are not completely thrilled, amused, aroused, educated, informed, then sated.... well, at least you got the house ready for winter.

October 8th.
The internet of things. That's an appropriate broad stroke of the brush. Just about any "thing" you can think of can, in some way, be connected, contained, contemplated, and controlled - remotely. Existing products include ways to monitor the milk output of your dairy cows. Individually! Or how about a quick audit of your favorite house plant... in full color. You can take your pick as to which of your 'things' deserve this kind of scrutiny. Don't be shy. This is about what is important to You. No fair picking "thermostate" - everybody picks that one. If your cattle are agitated by the stress of competition you might try a dose of Mighty House Radio. Find the boom box (you know, the one with the cassette player that doesnt work), tune in our Home Improvement show, and bask in bovine bliss.


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