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Dear Mighty House Listener,
   This week's text is dedicated to my Mother-in-Law. I can dig back as far as the second century and find "Satire VI". No, not a funny soap about a dyslexic phlebotomist. Instead "Satire #6" is a book written by Roman author - "Juvenal" - and in it, he cracks wise about mothers-in-law and women in general. So mother-in-law jokes have been around for millennia  and "Juvy" might be the original "stroke-son-in-law. I know... what's it got to do with home improvement? Nothing really. Dial us up next Saturday and join the conversation. We want to hear what you are thinking. If you have a second to spare, look up, say a prayer, wish on a star, or flip a coin - what ever you choose. Wink for my mother-in-law "Liz". She passed in her sleep last Sunday. Liz has been a close friend to me since I first met her... no jokes. See you on the radio and peace. -max


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