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Dear Mighty House Listener,

     Safety tips and warnings. We see them everywhere.  All have one thing in common. Someone... "ran with scissors" and the warning came later. "Hey, You might not want to do it that way ..... just sayin' ".  I recently bought a small hatchet thing with a nail puller and finished butt for use as a hammer. The cashier actually said, "...just don't let your wife get her hands on this thing." [he really did] . The danger is as obvious as the stupidity of the design. Use this as a nail driver and run the risk of looking like the southbound end of a retired, geriatric circus elephant - northbound. Let's all take heed and issue the warning BEFORE something bad happens. I resolve to use this as an axe for light landscaping chores. If I need a hammer, I will get one. I wish not to impugn the integrity of all you roofers out there. I know it's a roofing hammer and it's clear  to you guys - I'm no roofer.  So be forewarned - there is no app for that. In the end, we all should take the time to be safe. The Mighty House Radio Show has the power to entrance, expand, and enlighten your mind. A powerful tool that deserves a Safety Tip/Warning of its own. So be forewarned - By listening ( and watching ) the MH show, there will be more in you head to ponder. So, maybe get a hair-cut and do something nice by sharing this new found knowledge with others. See you on Saturday. Leave your hat at home.
   -max chagrin**webmaster at large      (catch max at:


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