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Dear Mighty House Listener,
   Today in remodeling history we celebrate the laying of the cornerstone for the Amsterdam Town Hall. The year was 1648 and despite not having a big box hardware store up the block they managed to create a lasting landmark. It took a decade to do it and, no doubt, countless tradesmen and laborers fed themselves and their families by working the site. Something to remember when you hire a contractor to improve your dwelling. The benefits of home improvement extend well beyond the changes to your humble abode. Hop aboard the economic engine and take your turn driving the juggernaut to the betterment of all. This week the Mighty House crew presents: "How to insulate your attic". Well... actually it's Mike Nowak's attic and you know what they say "Just because there is snow on the roof - doesn't mean Ron is not in the attic." (or something like that). Steve Bernas from the BBB will be joining us in the second hour. Steve will regale us with tales of transactional turpitude and reveal to us the best way to proceed in order that we may espy the grifters and gadflys. Plus! - all your favorites - Mister Floor, the purveyor of planar perfection. Robbie "Clutter Clarity" Ehrhardt brings intelligibility to our impedimenta. And... YOU - the Mighty listener (and viewer) of the finest radio program in this dimension or any other. Be there or be antideluvian.  


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