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Dear Mighty House Listener,
  First of all my best wishes go out to the folks who stop and read my stuff. I should know how many do, but I don't. The Mighty House radio show has been a labor of love for over a decade (another number I should know... but I don't... it's been longer than that). If you are a listener or a viewer over this amazing internet thing, Your feedback is what keeps us going. Please comment on Facebook or call the show - you can say whatever you like - it's your dime. These days "home improvement" spans a gamut of possibilities. It's not just paint and two by fours anymore. We call it "Home" not "House" improvement for a reason. The reason is you, Your family, your friends. So, as we all take shelter from the storm in our big house, little shotgun shack, trailer home or cardboard box.... just keep in mind the house is there to protect the home. I have spoken to enough "homeless" people to understand that one never looses a sense of what home is. They just don't have a house. When you go home today, count your blessings and enjoy the fruit of your labor. Hug your wife, your kids, your VCR..... whatever. Hundreds of previous shows are in our archive so you can enjoy feeling of time travel as you watch & listen. Thanks for reading and your support of Mighty House Home Improvement Show.
    -max chagrin [webmaster at large]

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