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Dear Mighty House Listener,
The Ides of March. A special time for the Flamen Dialis. No. He is not a swishy guy with renal issues. He was Jupiter's high priest and, as such, was not allowed to ride a horse or name a dog. This is what happens when the few rule and the many are illiterate. That was long, long ago. Now....friendly Flamen that he is, if he were still around, he would still seem stranger than most, he would likely have a vehicle due to the aforementioned equine prohibition. That makes him (everybody say it now...) A friendly stranger in a black sedan. Now you know all about The Ides of March. Tune in Saturday for more spot-on analysis and commentary on subjects far and wide but mostly with a nod to home improvement. I WILL see you on the radio - so wear a Toga.


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