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Dear Mighty House Listener,
  This Saturday we swing the Mighty House doors wide in a magnanimous gesture of heartfelt appreciation. Step sprightly over the threshold and through the yawning maw of the Mighty House portal. Locate a safe seat at the feast and take your best stab at the beast ... a metaphor - we really prefer that there be no actual stabbing during the show. Speaking of "safe", tune in for our segment on same. That's "safe" as in, "I'm locking my Dick Cheney action figures in the safe until I can figure out why they exist.". Have something that You need to lock up? Call the show and let us know. Big, small, bolted down, hidden behind the Picasso or just too darned heavy to move. The lively art of conversation will help tease out the best secure containment options for your stuff.  See you on the radio!


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- The Mighty House Team

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