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Dear Mighty House Listener,

     Ok. You are making great progress. Your home improvement project is moving forward, on schedule, en route to completion. Then it happens - the unexpected..... Panic is followed by dejection and the mournful moan of being beaten. It broke - it's crooked after all that measuring - you discover the Carpenter Ant Hilton in your attic...... That night... you dream of  "trembling on a rocky ledge.  Staring down into a heartless sea..., but It's not as if this barricade blocks the only road."*  Regroup, re-plan, walk the razor's edge - then make your decision and act. These missteps happen all the time in industry, construction, and yes - your project is not immune. A great place for advice is right here. The Mighty House Radio Show. We reach out for alternate solutions and ideas all the time. The only side effect is that you might learn some tricks of the trade and meet some new friends. We are all recovering from something - so let's do it together. After all, if we don't help each other, who's going to?    See you on the radio. -max chagrin



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