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Dear Mighty House Listener,

   I realize this will be our second show in August. I usually reserve calendar related trivia for the first show of the month, but...(does the comma go in front or behind the "but"? about both.), This month is named after Augustus. History tells us that Augustus Caesar renamed the month of Sextilius to August in honor of himself. Just Like his great Uncle Julius did with July. Once again - when the many are illiterate and the few are in charge, this is what happens. Got me thinking. Who writes history but the victor. Pumped with battle grade adrenaline, these guys returned home and told stories of war. It's like fishing - every time you spread your arms apart - the muskie gets longer. It is just my opinion, but back then just feeding your army would have been an enormous affair. I say the battle was more like Fifty guys throwing sand at each other until they got hungry. Then they said @#$% this and went home. Oh, sorry - "home improvement" - are you happy now Google Monster. This is admittedly not my best work, but I'm late for Friday night pizza so I will see you on the radio Saturday. Bring your best fish stories.
Aloha -max chagrin


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