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Dear Mighty House Listener,
     The subject of home improvement runs the gambut from picking up a wayward dust bunny to completely gutting the joint and starting virtually from scratch. That leaves a lot of room for possibilities in between. So dream big, sharpen your pencil and make a list. Check out the NARI website for dependable, professional contractors. You may find that your idea is affordable after all. Most important - you will have started the ball rolling and changed the dream to a possibility and that's closer to getting it done and enjoyed. In the  mean time, tune in to The Mighty House Radio Show. It's a good time and great place to get your home improvement questions answered. See you on  the radio!   We are counting the days 'till May 4 when we will be doing a LIVE remote broadcast at the Niles Design District. [here is an article about this project]  I will add more info as I get it. Thanks for reading, listening and watching The Mighty House Radio Show!
    -max chagrin [webmaster at large]


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