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Dear Mighty House Listener,
  It's Birthday time! On this day we welcomed Abraham Darby to the world. Mr. Darby, if still doing the "bipedal dance", would be three hundred forty years old today. Next time you're at the hardware store, notice the full bins of pipe fittings, all the screws and nuts and bolts, ... they never run out of stuff made of iron and steel. Why? Abe figured out how to make pig iron with Coke instead of Charcoal. Seventeenth century iron makers had to wait for trees to grow - to make the charcoal - then make the pig iron - then make cast iron. Mr. Darby's Coke was made from coal - just dig it up off the ground! Back then, it must have seemed an unlimited resource. Abe drop kicked the industrial revolution into the future and his Pig Iron was used to make Cast Iron for steam engines, bridges, buildings and eventually the ubiquitous paper clip some two hundred years later. So... Join us for the Mighty House show as we raise a glass to Abe Darby and his contribution to Home Improvement. See you on the radio so iron those pants and they better have a crease! (...or...was it Pepsi?)


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