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Dear Mighty House Listener,
    My most heartfelt apologies to all of you out there who read this (Yes, Both of you!) . "Home improvement". Ya know... each of these missives needs those words so the Google monster can make money. For who(m) [never could keep that one straight] - we know not. I never get a check from those guys. ARPANET. If you had the keys to the single most powerful tool of intelligence gathering, would you just give it away to wall street to sell to the populous? Of course not. So they had to change the name. "INTERNET". That sounds harmless enough. Lets start with America Online because it well, sounds American, and what could be better. Flash forward to today. want an answer - Google it - want the correct answer, well that still takes a bit of research. So... in planning your next home improvement (...there it is again - where's my effing check?) project do not fear. Use the G Monster. [i have some personal issues with Bing so screw those guys]. BUT, when you do, search the pages deep inside too. The first page of results is bought and paid for and the answer is always "just buy this and go away". Ok now, what's the point? This is off the cuff so I need a few moments and some coffee. [pause for loud music interlude that you can't hear - sorry], It's Tesla's cover of "WALK AWAY". Give it a listen. Now for the exciting conclusion... When using the former ARPANET to shop for home improvement stuff [that's 3] spend some valuable time. You will be glad you did. See you on the radio - the Google monster can - so wear some pants. -max chagrin


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