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Dear Mighty House Listener,
   It has taken decades, but I, at last, have the hang of it. When is the best time to have your septic lateral cleared of tree roots? Well, the worst time is after the water starts rising out of the forgotten floor drain in the basement. In fact, NOW is the time. Your trees need water and know how to find it. When the snow flies and the ground is frozen, those sewer lines promise a warm liquid drink that only a plant can appreciate and those roots have been growing all summer long. September is drain rodding month at the Casa de Chagrin. Why? October is when my 90 feet of lateral plumbing celebrates cluster foxtrot sewer month... annually. Took me decades to wise up, but you know we Americans are fast to accept even the most obvious signs of cause and effect as mere coincidence. (Lucky for you my conspiracy theory soap box is in the shop getting re-planked.) So call the plumber and git er done.

 See you on the radio...

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