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Dear Listener,
  So... why do we listen to Mighty House Radio? What is the common thread that we all tug? No doubt, there are many. There is one that I tugged recently and the sweater unravels still. A single bathroom tile. It refused to stay stuck no matter how I glued it down. That was six weeks ago. I can now see clear through the floor to the room below. My cat and I are the only ones who think this is cool. "While I'm at it..... I may as well....I can't put THIS back together with THAT in there!" When I am done I will have tub plumbing that it not 60 years old, plywood sub-flooring that is not delaminated, air conditioning that goes where it should, and yes, a tile that stays stuck. Throughout, I have relied on the good council of the Mighty House Team. So, before you tug that thread, ask the pros. I did and It's the best free advice in town. Has anyone seen my cat?

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