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Dear Mighty House Listener,
  Crank up your favorite source of electromagnetic radiation and join us for another edition of the Mighty House Radio extravaganza. Rich is going to tackle the "house wrap" debate and if you're thinking "it's all just Tyvek to me", this segment is for you! We will subject Mr. Floor to an "enhanced interrogation" technique commonly called "The Mighty House Interview" and Robbie will have another installment of Clutter Clarity. The stage is set for hortative home improvement oratory the Mighty House way!
...and, by the way... "sound" is not part of the electromagnetic spectrum. So, feel free to bath in it's dulcet tones and mellifluous, harmonics. The medium is great - dive in and join us - clothing optional.


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  • Tune in for Robbie's Clutter Clarity segment. Spring is in the air and your clutter is showing!
  • Mr. Floor will be here to help with mankind's most vexing and horizontal issues. Is carpet flooring? Join us for the Mighty House Home Improvement Show. 

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KEEP IT SQUARE AND LEVEL until next week,

- The Mighty House Team

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