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Tune in Saturday, August 27th.

Dear Listener,
  I was asked the other day how I could possibly have writer's block. "It's only a few sentences" they said. How many different ways can you say "Tune in Saturday at eight o'clock for the Mighty House Radio Home Improvement Show?" Worldwide, Live and broadcasting on an amplitude modulated radio wave! From our monopole mast radiator to your ferrite rod. Grab your aural surfboard and wade into the heterodyne. It beats workin'! [my apologies to the CW ops and Dxers out there] We'll see you on Saturday for a rag chewing good time. 

   Let us not forget Muckfest. Sponsor your favorite hominid in a test of physical, mental, emotional, and laundry skill. Hit the Muckfest link and check out the course map. ( it really is very cool...!) The invitation reads "All you need are a pair of sneakers and a sense of humor...". How can you possibly go wrong? Tune in and give the show a listen. We will lift your spirits (but not higher than six feet without a safety harness).         

   By phone or email, we look forward to your input and welcome your questions. Tune in 820 AM on the radio dial and enjoy the Mighty House Show live, every Saturday, all over the tri-state area. (92.5 FM in the DeKalb area) Listen on your computer ( from anyplace! ) with the “Listen Live" button at the top of the home page. You can listen to a previous show anytime by going to the “Archives” page on our website.  No matter how you keep up with us, you are welcome as part of our Mighty House® Team.

KEEP IT SQUARE AND LEVEL until next week,

- The Mighty House Team

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