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  1. Nov 30th 2013 Hour 1

    November 30, 2013

    Talking about fixing stairs, plumbing, a sewer pipe update, tape measures, split block construction, and the Mighty House Tip of the Week (Rich on Electrical Safety for Outdoor lighting and outlets)

  2. Nov 30th 2013 Hour 2

    More electrical safety tips, water main line replacement, water pads vs. water filters, and a visit with Elliott Richardson for the SBAC report

  3. Nov 30th 2013 Hour 3

    Small business plugs, tankless water heaters, PEX tubing, boilers, a Kolatek’s fan, and Clutter Clarity has Robbie organizing drawers.

  4. Robbie’s Toucan Chili

    November 16, 2013

      De-clutter your football party prep with Robbie’s Toucan Chilli. Dump the following into a Crock Pot (?? How many hours) the longer the better 2 lbs ground beef fry Add Canned: Tomato sauce 2 cans Tomato paste 1 can Stewed tomato 2 cans 1-2 cams diced green chilies Canned black/red/pinto beans 2 cans Seasoning Up […]

  5. Nov 16th 2013 Hour 1

    Talking about wall cracks, HVAC, bathroom paneling, skylights, and the Mighty House Tip of the Week (Rich on how to disconnect your hose for winter)

  6. Nov 16th 2013 Hour 2

    Discussions on sagging floors, peeling paint, heating issues, sanding in older buildings, insulating basements, and a visit with Amy Master for the SBAC report

  7. Nov 16th 2013 Hour 3

    Joint compound, comments on the strange venting picture Ron posted on Facebook, furnaces, and Clutter Clarity has Robbie giving a clutter-free TwoCan Chili Recipe.

  8. Nov 9th 2013 Hour 1

    November 9, 2013

    Talking Kolatek’s turkeys, wood staining, flooring, furnaces, and a visit with John Correa from Advanced Auto-Motion to talk cars

  9. Nov 9th 2013 Hour 2

    More time with John Correa talking cars, windows and siding, Elliott Richardson with the SBAC report

  10. Nov 9th 2013 Hour 3

    Cars, bay windows, boilers, polishing lucite, Tip of the Week – Rich on keeping dryer vents short, and Clutter Clarity finds Robbie talking about organizing magazines and papers

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