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  1. Feb 22nd 2014 Hour 1

    February 22, 2014

    Talking about recessed can lights, sticky bulbs, stolen floors, and ice damming issues getting worse this winter

  2. Feb 22nd 2014 Hour 2

    Sump pumps and discharge lines, uses for old oak floors, refinishing bathtubs, and Elliott Richardson with the SBAC Report

  3. Feb 22nd 2014 Hour 3

    clearing mortar, plumbing, smoke alarms, Tip of the Week (clear storm sewers and street grates of snow and ice to avoid flooding), and Clutter Clarity (L.A. says don’t store things, get rid of them)

  4. Your Smart Meter is Coming. Here is what you need to know.

    February 14, 2014

    Your Smart Meter is Coming in Illinois. Here is what you need to know from CUB. The five things you need to know about your new electric meter February 1, 2014—ComEd is launching $2.6 billion in upgrades to the power grid over the next decade, including installing new “smart” electric meters at every home in […]

  5. Feb 8th 2014 Hour 1

    February 9, 2014

    Talking about cold weather and roofing, black soot in bathroom, frozen gutters and ice on the roof, along with mold issues

  6. Feb 8th 2014 Hour 2

    Hanging chandeliers, more ice damming, remodeling, insulation, fuses vs. circuit breakers, wonky washing machines, and Elliott Richardson with the SBAC Report

  7. Feb 8th 2014 Hour 3

    Hardwood floors, electric wiring, noisy return vents, surge protectors, Tip of the Week on using surge protectors, and Clutter Clarity – using shower curtain rings to hang ties and delicates on hangers

  8. Feb 1st 2014 Hour 1

    February 2, 2014

    Talking about furnace and heating issues, remodeling, electric water heaters, and an early visit with Elliott Richardson and the SBAC Report

  9. Feb 1st 2014 Hour 2

    Continuing the SBAC Report, contractor pricing, City of Chicago permitting, and an interview with Beth Dodson from HomeZada

  10. Feb 1st 2014 Hour 3

    Windows, bathtubs, the Mighty House Tip of the Week on why you shouldn’t delay repairs, and Clutter Clarity (Robbie on obstacles to decluttering)

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