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A Guide to the Latest Safety Trends in Commercial and Residential Buildings

August 10, 2022

A Guide to the Latest Safety Trends in Commercial and Residential Buildings

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Everybody wants to feel secure in their home or business, making safety a hot topic. The security industry is always providing new innovations to help combat crime and ensure people feel safe. You can educate yourself about the latest in home improvement trends, including security trends, via the Mighty House Home Improvement blog and podcast. This guide provides a primer to some of the latest trends in the field to get you started.

Cutting-edge locks

The thought of someone entering your home or business space can be scary. Improving your locks can help bring you peace of mind. Security locks offer an added layer of protection, as they're harder to pick. You might also consider replacing your traditional key lock with a keypad. According to GV Lock, these are harder to pick or bump than conventional locks, improving security. It's also great because there's no need to keep track of keys.

Improved lighting solutions

Improving the lighting around a structure is another way to make it safer and more secure. Studies suggest that burglars and other criminals are less likely to be active in well-lit areas. This is especially relevant around offices and in parking lots, large areas that may be empty at times. When choosing lighting options, choose bases and poles that are durable. Materials like aluminum and steel are strong and long-lasting. These poles made to hang parking lot lights are a great example of the decorative options available.

Comprehensive surveillance systems

A home surveillance system can be a great way to gain confidence in your house's or business' security. Modern systems link to your smartphone, so you can check them anytime, anywhere. For example, if you're at dinner and you get an alert that movement has been detected by your front door, you can view your home's front door camera on your smartphone. Maybe you'll see that the movement was just a hungry raccoon! You can then enjoy the rest of your meal in peace.

Security signage

Home and business security trends don't always need to be about some cutting-edge new gizmo or gadget. Sometimes, something as simple as updating the signage can make a difference. Research shows that fake security stickers and signs can actually deter burglars, for example. You can also invest in general signage for safety purposes, such as signs that clearly indicate emergency exits in business spaces.

Security fences

Here's another example of an effective safety and security measure that isn't super cutting-edge but is still effective. A security fence rings the perimeter of your residential or commercial property, helping deter people from entering. It can also keep animals away and offer extra privacy. When selecting a security fence, The Spruce recommends considering points like height, visibility, and obstacles on top. For example, a wrought iron fence may have sharp points on the top, making it painful to climb over.

Improved fire protection

Keeping a residential or commercial space safe isn't just about keeping out intruders or burglars. You also want to ensure general wellbeing. Fire protection is one major sticking point. Make sure your structure has the necessary equipment, such as fire extinguishers and water sprinklers. Smoke detectors are also a must-have. Plus, make sure you're changing the batteries regularly. Experts recommend changing the batteries every six months.

The security industry is constantly evolving. Keeping up with trends like those described above can help ensure your home or business is safe. Make a point of consulting home improvement resources regularly to get the latest news on this topic.

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