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Rich’s Tool List that everyone should have

August 1, 2015

Rich's Tool List that everyone should have in their house.

What tools do you need in the junk drawer?


  1. Claw hammer – 16 oz. If you run into a real problem you may need a bigger one. But it’s the best weight. And, I suggest you get it with a fiberglass handle.
  2. Flat screwdrivers – more commonly known as chisels, punches and pry bars. Phillips screwdrivers – Usually a good kit will cover you for all the different heads used today.
  3. Vice Grips – Great way to hold anything. There are many different styles. You may need a couple different types.
  4. Tape Measure – Every house needs one. Or two. I don’t think I need to explain why.
  5. Crescent wrench or as we call it a multiple 16th wrench. Being adjustable you can use it on most any size or shape nut or bolt.
  6. Socket set – a good quality socket set ranging from 6mm to 18mm and ¼” to 7/8” will cover most of what you may run into assembling flat pack products.
  7. Needle nose pliers – great for holding, grabbing small objects and double as your wire cutter.   
  8. Cordless drill – we talk about this often, a good ½” hammer drill is the best choice. This will cover you for simple jobs to those that require drilling into concrete.
  9. Utility Knife – There a numerous styles out there. I prefer those that have the little angle at the end. This will keep your hand off the work and give you better control.
  10. Level – Bubbleometer, whiskey stick. It’s a must around the house. A 2’ level would usually work around the house.

These are the simplest things you should have around the house.



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