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Show Recap from 30 March 2013

March 30, 2013

Okay, maybe this is one way we can use a blog?

We had a visitor in the studio today. Robbie called him the Easter Bunny.

Photo: The Easter bunny came to the show today!

Rich was talking about a variety of uses for Hydrogen Peroxide for the Tip of the Week. People called to disagree. Well, there is a ton on info online to support both sides of the argument. I trust They seem to do their research. So, for good or bad, here are tips for using Hydrogen Peroxide!(Robbie)

We had Geothermal talk today. Need more info on geothermal?

Problems with a tub or show that is not the right color? Ark Refinishing can make it all better.

We also had some calls about roofing issues AWM Construction,

In the Clutter Clarity segment Robbie said we should throw the laundry soap cup from the container into the washing machine so it does not make a gooey mess on the shelf where you keep the soap. Then she said to keep the kitchen sink sponge in the dishwasher when not in use. This flipped Trixie out and we had to peal her off the ceiling. Trixie say to microwave your sponge after every use to kill the germs in it. That might be over kill.

And lastly, For those of you that were looking for exterior plywood for outside projects or Corn Hole game boxes, ask for MDO plywood. Meduim Density Overlay.

Thanks for listening to the show. Ron, Rich and Robbie

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