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Show Recap from 6 April 13

April 6, 2013

We had a busy show today.

Rich talked about how to sharpen and store you knives and sharp tools. Listen to the first hour of the show for details. Click on the radio show link at the home page.

Photo: Ron and Rich! i need help! i've tried EVERYTHING to get the grout clean in my shower stall. Newest attempt was the bleach pen someone suggested. Also tried Mold Armour. ZIP!!! So, i gotta scrape it out, huh? with the tool Rich told me about? Now what about the tile on the shower floor? Can I cover it with something maybe? Like What? A one sheet floor thingie??? Do I need to rip it out first? scrapping the grout from here would be a bad nightmare for me.  Hey, everyone else who follows Mighty House ... if you can post a picture with your problem, we can help you solve it!!!

Robbie talked about a major tile/grout issue she is having. Rich brought in a Fein Multi tool for her to clean out the grout from between the tile and replace it with new grout. Tune in next week to see how that job went.

We had a great interview with Dan Olson from Energy Impact Illinois. WE talked about how you can save up to $1,750.00 in energy saving upgrades to your home. It all starts with a $99 energy Audit. Call 855 - 9 - IMPACT Call Monday-Friday 8:30 a - 5p. Tell them you heard about them on Mighty House!

Looking for a Green Lawn this spring? Feed your lawn a mixture of beer, soda, soap, ammonia and mouthwash to make it green?
Lawn Tonic recipe:
•1 can of beer (regular, not light)
•1 can of soda (regular, not diet)
•1/2 cup dishwashing liquid (not antibacterial soap)
•1/2 cup liquid ammonia
•1/2 cup mouthwash
Mix it all together with a ten gallon sprayer attached to your garden hose. The soda and beer act as food for your grass. The dish soap is also an ingredient in a lot of gardening recipes. For really brown grass, spray this concoction every three weeks.

Tom Barton from Klein Tools is in studio. Klein Tool is having an Oldest Tool Contest pliers How old are your pliers? We loved talking with a tool guy!! Here is a picture of the tool kit we gave away.


Tune in next week for an update on Robbie's grouting job.





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