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Show Recap from April 13th 2013

April 14, 2013

Sign up to go to Springfield and lobby for solar wind wind power on the Tuesday, April 16th, Tuesday, April 30th or Tuesday, May 7th.

We talked to Jen Walling from Executive Director, Illinois Environmental Council. Illinois' Energy Efficiency Building codes are a huge win for the environment, homeowners, and businesses.  Efforts are under way to weaken these codes and we need your help!  Take action today to oppose HB1331.

HB1331 was pushed out of House Energy at the end of March.  This bill would remove a provision that automatically updates the code every three years.  This is an extremely important provision because it keeps Illinois up to date with new technological advances.

The energy efficiency code in Illinois has been extremely successful!  Illinoisans buying new single family homes meeting the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) will pocket between $9,780 and $11,100 in net energy savings over the mortgage term.  And this code protects the environment by minimizing energy related pollution.

Tell your legislator that you support energy efficiency today. This bill could come for a vote on the floor any time this week and your help in bringing this to your legislator's attention will help us win on this issue in Springfield.

Rich and Ron both heard an other radio show telling people how to finish their basement incorrectly. So, we talked about how to finish a basement and not to use old school framing. This is what can happen with old school framing techniques. Mold!!


Install foam board insulation, tape the seams and then frame in front of the foam board. Use closed cell foam insulation around the rim joist. Do not use fiberglass insulation.


Or use In So Fast,

InSoFast's Engineered Panels provide continuous insulation, built-in framing, and moisture control for both new and retrofit construction projects. They are the perfect blend of DIY simplicity and industrial capability.

For all youse that are having tree problems. Call the Illinois Arborist Association at 1-877-617-8887. Get a "Certified" arborist to look at your trees before doing anything.

Repeat the info for Energy Impact Illinois, 855 - 9 - IMPACT Call Monday-Friday 8:30 a - 5p. Tell them you heard about them on Mighty House! A blower door test for $99!!

We will be broadcasting LIVE from the The DuPage County Home Improvement & Landscaping Expo April 27 from 8 AM to 11 AM. Stop by and sign up to with a Bosch GLM80+R60 laser measure/level that is a $250 value.



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