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Tips For Helping Your Senior’s Relocation Go Smoothly

June 27, 2017

Moving Day Success: Tips For Helping Your Senior’s Relocation Go Smoothly


When you are helping your senior loved one move into a new home, you want to do everything you can to ensure that moving day is a success. The key to a smooth move is organization, and some simple planning basics can make an enormous difference when the big day comes.

Communicate your needs to your movers so they're prepared

Many families hire professional movers to get the job done quickly. Whether you plan to hire people or use friends and family for the move, Style at Home details that communication is essential. Schedule moving day as far in advance as possible and be realistic about how much there is to be moved.

Movers need to know about items that are especially heavy or bulky, like pianos, and give them a heads-up on items that need to be disassembled and reassembled. It is generally best to get in-person estimates so movers are prepared with a truck the proper size, a realistic estimate, and the necessary equipment.

Plan ahead on moving materials to keep items protected

Be ready for the movers when they arrive on moving day. Use quality packing materials including sturdy boxes and packing tape so that your belongings stay safe and secure. As tempting as it is to load up large boxes with as much as you can squeeze into them, smaller boxes often work better as they are easier to carry.

Move electronics in their original boxes if possible. If you don't have the original packaging, work with your movers to protect these items sufficiently, even if there is an additional cost. It may also be helpful to keep fragile or sentimental items together in one area so the movers can be aware of the need to be particularly cautious with them.

An ample supply of bubble wrap, packing paper, and blankets are key in keeping your belongings protected during the move. Buzzfeed points out that some creativity in protecting fragile items helps too. You can wrap breakable items in clothing instead of bubble wrap and stuff socks inside stemware and glasses to provide extra padding and protection.

Pack items you'll need soon separately

As you pack, create an essentials box and a travel bag. Your essentials box should contain basics that may be needed right away at the new place. Use a clear plastic box for this and load it up with things like a mini-toolset, cleaning supplies, duct tape, garbage bags, and light bulbs. Additional items could include a first aid kid, a utility knife, paper towels, and toilet paper.

You should also pack a travel bag. The Senior List suggests that you pack this one as if you were going on a trip where you bring everything you would need for a couple of days. Pack a couple of changes of clothing, medications, and a single set of dishes along with some towels and a set of sheets. If you have a pet who will be moving with you, include some pet food too.

Consider giving seniors and their pets a break from the moving activity

On the day of your senior's move, consider getting a pet sitter if animals are involved. In addition, you may want to arrange a special outing for your older loved one so they do not feel anxious watching the movers. Then, have a plan for getting basics unpacked and organized right away in the new home.

Families who do some advance planning can help their seniors move without unnecessary distress. Be prepared when the movers come and avoid damage by using quality packing materials. Pack some basics separately that will help your senior settle into their new place quickly and watch the moving progress without a hitch. For more information on how to prepare for moving day, check out this list of mistakes to avoid.

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